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Book two in the Spellbound Duology


Magic hangs thick in the air of New Orleans. Self-proclaimed skeptic and career woman, Lexie Cohle, fights against her family's heritage. Married to her work as an artifacts specialist leaves her little room to explore the gifts her Aunt Tilly claims she has. With her dreams intensifying, it becomes difficult to ignore her Aunt and these gifts. This has Lexie questioning all she knows and believes. Will Lexie unravel the truth in time to save herself and those she loves, or will she succumb to the same fate that has cursed her existence?

Realist lawyer Ivan Walters only believes in what he can see, despite strange dreams continuing to plague his mind. After a chance encounter with Lexie Cohle, his entire world is flipped upside down. He cannot explain the odd feeling she brings out in him and is drawn to her in ways that shock him. His head and heart are at war with one another as he sorts through the conflict. Ivan's loyalty and love are being tested - and choosing the wrong path is certain to lead him straight into the arms of evil.


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Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble (ebook), iBooks and Overdrive

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