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**TRIGGER WARNING! Some scenes may be hard to read and include topics such as spousal abuse, miscarriage, and death.** 

Can their love survive for better or for worse?

Jackson Callahan had it all. A beautiful, healthy family, a prosperous career, and an amazing marriage to his best friend, Leigha. In an instant, he nearly lost everything. Holding tight to his vows gives him the strength he needs to continue on.

Leigha struggles to accept her new life and all that she’s lost – including herself. Her choices stand in the way of Jackson’s desperate efforts to make their new normal as happy as possible. With nothing left to grasp onto, she begins to lose what little remains of her want to fight.

In sickness and in health, good times and bad, til death do they part. Can love overcome any obstacle, even in the wake of a tragedy that haunts their every attempt for a future

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