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Julie had been planning the wedding of her dreams for the better part of two years. The long awaited day finally came. 

A beautiful white dress—check! 
Perfectly sentimental vows—check! 
Butterflies so strong they made her nauseous—double check! 
The only thing missing… was the groom.

Stranded at the alter wasn’t supposed to happen in real life. A sappy rom-com, sure…but not to Julie. Tail between her legs, she sets off—alone—to her beautiful honeymoon. A sweet, romantic island getaway she wants nothing to do with. What's more, there's one last surprise waiting for her—the sarcastic, sexy, bartender named Eddie. 

Determined not to allow Julie to wallow in her cynical attitude, he has just one week to transform the newly sexy single from salty to sweet. One week, or she’ll end up just another jilted bride with a bad attitude. One remind her how to love again.

Releasing July 26th 2019

Every day in July, a different author will release a novella (25k words) and their stories will be centered around a different flavor. If you've got a sweet tooth, be sure to join the Ice Cream Shop Readers group on Facebook! Click the link below 

**Contains adult language**

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